Artist Statement

            My work is driven by a desire to achieve a balance between dualities. I find depth and richness in the in-between. I am in search for iconography that is linked to my experiences and want to explore the complexity found in what it means to be “American.”

            I explore themes of memory, healing and desire all connected to cultural identity. I define cultural identity as a feeling one has belonging to a group, including sharing locality, ethnicity, nationality or aesthetics. I am interested in the ephemeral and use nature as a collaborator. For me, nature is a symbol for truth/healing and is used for its connections to memory and time. I want to take images, objects, and memories and re-create them, dissect them and look deeper at their meaning and significance to identity and community.

            Rudolfo Anaya wrote in the forward for Growing up Chicano/a, “our growing-up stories provide a history of our past, and in so doing they illuminate the present.” It is this sentiment I am attempting to capture. My experience growing up including my traumas deepen my identity as I revisit my experiences, they illuminate my present and reveals the beauty I find within them.

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