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Artist Statement

    My work explores dualities and the space found in the in-between. I am interested in the ephemeral, the natural world, and the seemingly permanent aspects of history. I use iconography linked to my experiences to explore the complexity found in what it means to be “American” and our ties and connections to the land we occupy.

    I use materials such as seeds, leaves and clay as symbols for truth/healing which I connect to the human condition. Nature becomes a collaborator as drying leaves curl, cut plants callous, and gravity grounds sediment showing the passing of time. Re-creating images, objects and memories allow me to look deeper at their significance, to investigate the “what” and “why” of Americanness, and to express a connectivity with Nature.

    Using personal narratives as a starting point for sculptures and time-based installations, I investigate themes of time, memory, desire, and healing. I am looking at inheritance across family generations. Specifically, psychological inheritance which can be difficult to describe. Deciphering between the inherited, the acquired, and the imposed is where my work currently lies.

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